You may be familiar with the use of Valerian as a remedy for insomnia or Echinacea to fight colds and ‘flu. In the hands of a trained practitioner, herbal medicine can go much further: it can alleviate symptoms of chronic illness, relieve common ailments and help restore health. The powerful capacity of the body to heal itself is central to Herbal Medicine. The philosophy of holism — treating body, mind and spirit — underpins my practice.

Most medicinal plants have more than one action, and a skilled herbalist will know how to combine them safely and effectively. Did you know that over a quarter of modern pharmaceuticals, including aspirin, contain at least one active constituent from plants? The difference is, with herbal medicine, the therapeutic benefits of the whole plant are used, not just one or two chemicals.

Herbal medicine is the most prevalent medicine on earth. As a Western herbal practitioner, I meld traditional plant use with modern science. In the hands of a qualified practitioner, herbalism is both science and art.

Freshly harvested  Chamomila recutita  (Chamomile)

Freshly harvested Chamomila recutita (Chamomile)